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Now With a New Improved Formula With a Pleasant Lemony Fragrance!
NEW! Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze Insect Repellent Wipes
Bugzilla All-Natural Pesticide
Charlies Wipes
Charlies All-Natural Pesticide Wipes for Dogs
Charlies Spray
Charlies All-Natural Pesticide Spray for Dogs
Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up All-Natural Fast Relief & Healing of Painful Finger Skin Splits
All Natural, Pet-Safe, Eco-Friendly
For the Safe Eradication of Insect Pests Indoors
Free yourself from the nightmare of BED BUGS with Bugzilla! Bugzilla is a MONSTER when it comes to BED BUG elimination!
Kills, repels & eradicates infestations of ants, cockroaches, fruit flies and drain flies, houseflies, bed bugs moths, earwigs, spiders, and other household insect pests.
Made of pure essential oils and food grade ingredients. All natural and non-toxic to people, pets, the environment, but not bugs.
Cleans up easily! So powerful yet safe, it will amaze you!
The EPA classifies Bugzilla as a "minimum risk" pesticide. It's safe to use in all areas of your home and business including your kitchen and other food preparation surfaces.
United States Patent Pending!
Our Products are Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!
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Charlie's Insect Repellent for Dogs
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: : The Latest News About Bugzilla : :

March 2014

Retail outlets that carry Bugzilla in Central NY: City Hardware (So. Geddes St.), C&C Mini Mart (N. Salina and Bear), Lee's Feeds and Needs (Milburn St. in the Valley area), Deb's Convenience Store (S. Salina St.), Jimmy's Super Saver (So. State St.), Smokey's (Butternut St.), South Ave. Mini Mart (South St.) and IBB Mini Mart (Midland Ave.).

: : What Are Our Customers Saying About Bugzilla? : :

"We had a big problem with fruitflies in our bar. They were all over the beer taps, the sink, the drain and drinking glasses , they were really bad. We started using Bugzilla as part of our nightly clean up routine more fruitflies! I'm cancelling our exterminator service and just buying Bugzilla."

"My daughter has had NO MORE ROACHES! Really amazing. She is very happy, thanks."

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